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Returning Home

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, my great-great grandfather returned home from the Civil War. After four years of fighting and being away from family, he must have been hugely relieved to get home. The following is a newspaper … Continue reading

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The Ones Who Stayed Behind

In the years following the American Revolution, it was common for families to pick up and make their way west.  Some were younger sons looking for land and opportunity.  Some were just adventurous souls looking for their next thrill. But … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World After All

We all know it’s a small world.  Most of us have had one experience or another that reinforces how close we are to each other, how little separates us. Family history proves the point again and again. The retrospective angle … Continue reading

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Why do we gather?

People gather together for all kinds of reasons.  Book clubs.  Bowling leagues.  Birthday parties.  Sometimes they come together regularly year after year, sometimes just for a short period of time.  Family reunions.  Girls’ nights out.  House parties.  We all find … Continue reading

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As our nation begins the commemoration of the sesquicentennial (i.e., 150th anniversary) of the Civil War, I have been spending a lot of time researching one particular ancestor of mine who was involved in the war.  My great-great grandfather Lewis … Continue reading

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Pawn Stars

My wife and I love to watch the TV show Pawn Stars.  Oddly enough, it’s on the History Channel. I’m not sure what we like most–the sarcasm, the cussing (tastefully bleeped most of the time) or the familial interactions between … Continue reading

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