Returning Home

Lewis K. Harris

Lewis K. Harris, my great-great grandfather and Captain of Company F/B, 69th Indiana Infantry

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, my great-great grandfather returned home from the Civil War. After four years of fighting and being away from family, he must have been hugely relieved to get home. The following is a newspaper report of their arrival back in Indiana.

RETURNING HOME — The Silver Moon arrived here on Saturday morning early having on board the 69th Indiana regiment, about 300 strong, en route for Indianapolis, to be mustered out of the service. Lieutenant Colonel Perry was in command, and the men looked hearty and robust. They were direct from Mobile, and went forward by the regular mail train for Indianapolis. Their conduct, while in the city awaiting the hour for the train to leave, was in the highest degree creditable and illustrated the fact that Indiana soldiers are as gentlemanly among their friends as they are terrible to their foes.

Captain Conway, of the Silver Moon, boasted of their good conduct on the boat, assuring us that there had not been a single man among them in the least degree intoxicated, disorderly or disobliging to the officers of the boat on the entire trip from New Orleans.

Their appearance, as they marched up Main street, was the subject of warm eulogy.

A number of them had brought with them from the South mocking birds and other pets, and we noticed one bronzed veteran with a large chicken cock perched coozely upon his knapsack, which looked as if he had been through the heavy campaigns with the regiment.

— — —

This report can be found in the Evansville Daily Journal, July 17, 1865

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2 Responses to Returning Home

  1. Troy Jenkins says:

    My Great-Great Grandfather, William Jenkins, was also on that train. Unfortunately I did not even know he existed until last year, when I did my family research on I have gathered up a lot of information on him and do have copies of his military records and the GAR information on him from the Post in Fithian, Illinois he was a charter member of. I saw the reunion photos you posted a few years ago. Do you happen to have a name listing for those photos? I know William was at the 1915 reunion and would like to find out which one he is. The only picture of him I have seen is a small photo of his Civil War portrait that I can’t enlarge without blurring that was listed on an auction website and the original portrait was sold in 2004 in that auction so I don’t have access to it. Thanks.

    • ArborFam says:

      I’d love to hear more about what you have and share information. Please email me directly at kevhar72 at gmail if you are interested. I don’t think he’s in the photo, but I’d be happy to help you get more info. Thanks!

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