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Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright, son of John and Elizabeth Wright, was born probably in Castleshane, Ireland, where it is known his sister Rachel was born.  He was brought to America as a small child by his parents and grew up near Menallen … Continue reading

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A startling coincidence or something else?

For many years I have wondered what happened to my 3rd great grandfather’s missing son.  I could track his three daughters and two of his sons, but I could never figure out where the third son went.  The paper trail … Continue reading

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The Ones Who Stayed Behind

In the years following the American Revolution, it was common for families to pick up and make their way west.  Some were younger sons looking for land and opportunity.  Some were just adventurous souls looking for their next thrill. But … Continue reading

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Eight is Enough

Turpin Rentfrow and his wife Sarah (Troup) Rentfrow had eight children. For the time and place that they lived, eight wasn’t very many. Most farmers who made their way west after the Revolution had at least that many kids to … Continue reading

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