Vacation Pictures: Nazi Germany

In the summer and fall of 1936, my grandfather traveled to Germany.  I have posted a couple of his pictures below.  These photos are in my family’s possession.  If you download them for any purpose other than personal viewing, please contact me at

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12 Responses to Vacation Pictures: Nazi Germany

  1. Julia says:

    cool pics. creepy pics.

    how come we never go anywhere cool like this for vacation? aren’t there any fascist nations we can visit? my cell phone takes really good pictures. 🙂

  2. pokedpotato says:

    cool. creepy. oh. julia wrote that too. uh, creepy. it was the first thing i thought of when i saw the pictures. it is probably because that is always what rick says about nazi stuff in pawn stars.

    • Rick from Pawn Stars–great reference! It is kind of creepy. I have a few more I will upload later. As creepy as it is to see the pics now, can you imagine what it would have been like to be there, especially looking back later in life?

      • pokedpotato says:

        No kidding. My aerodynamics teacher from college used to tell stories…he crossed the berlin wall border on bike…i think it was right after it fell…he was a teenager at the time. So he was a kid when everything was going on…

  3. Val Erde says:

    As travel photos go, I find these very disturbing. But that could be because I’m Jewish. And I wonder how anyone can find them ‘cool’.

    • Val,

      Thank you for your honest reaction. I also find these very disturbing. And creepy. I think when the others said “cool” they were referring more to the fact that I have these pictures of such a significant moment in history and that my grandfather was there. I know Julia, for one, finds Nazi Germany to be very disturbing also.

      What makes these pictures interesting to me is that my grandfather took them. It is hard to believe that he visited Germany when the Nazis were in power. My great-grandfather spoke out against Hitler and the Nazis in the 1930s (I will hopefully post more about this later). As terrible as the Nazis were, there’s no question they made a huge impact on history in the 1930s and 1940s.

      I think the pictures are important and of historical value, because it is good to remember that this period actually existed. That the atrocities were real. That lives were ruined and many, many people died because of the hatred and evil that was perpetrated by the Nazis. It is good to remember this so that we never allow it to happen again.

      Thanks again for sharing your honest opinion.

      • Val Erde says:

        And thanks for your response, but don’t you think that what you’ve just said could have been put in the post itself so that, should someone surf in on the tags ‘nazi’ or ‘swastika’ they will know immediately what you think of nazis? The thing is, in posts with tags go immediately to the WordPress tag page for that post, so really anyone can see it. And if someone facist is looking for something they might surf in here and ‘oh, someone who shares my point of view’.

        I’m all for keeping history alive to prevent it happening again (although, human nature being what it is, I suspect that’s impossible) but sometimes the imagery needs a little help in the form of words attached to it.

  4. Keir says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos, especially given their historic importance (I assume only your family have access to these images)! My grade 11s and I have just returned from a trip to Berlin and your pics put the Pariser Platz in context; you can check out before-and-after pics on my site. I teach history about a 15 minute cycle ride from Dachau concentration camp and can sympathise with Ms. Erde’s feelings. Equally, though, such tags could attract those vehemently against fascism. I can’t see anything in your post that presents Hitlerism in a good light; do we have to constantly add a clause to any sentence relating to the Nazis that point out that we find them repellent? “My grandfather travelled to Germany where he took these photos. I should point out of course that they show the swastika which is the symbol of an evil regime that was responsible for the deaths of 35-50 million people, which include the 5-6 million Jews in the Holocaust. We do not condone the Nazis but only present these photos to remind people ‘never again.'”
    Really, I’m fed up with this generation being forced to constantly dumb down to accommodate the lowest common denominator…

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  6. Martin Dodds says:

    Excellent Pics ! I don’t get some of the comments , the world was not at war , no one knew what was coming , thousands of people visited Germany in those years ,Famous and not Famous, you cannot look at 1936 Germany thru 2013 glasses .

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